Welcome to Circle Organic

Circle Organic is a small community-based family farm in Millbrook, Ontario, producing fresh, quality organic food for Peterborough and the surrounding area. We grow over 50 types of vegetables, fruits and herbs, and a wide range of flowers. This diversity helps our soil and contributes to biodiversity on the farm.

Many of our seeds are heirloom varieties and our farming is done largely by hand. We are certified organic by Pro-Cert and we are deeply committed to growing our food with the highest ecological standards in mind. This means that in our farming practices we consider our impact on soil life and fertility; water systems and conservation; air quality; and the natural flora and fauna in our farm ecosystem.

We are committed to working closely with other growers and organizations to build a local food system that is resilient, vibrant and life-sustaining. This is a big job considering what we’re up against. Good thing we love what we do!