Drought-Proofing Your Land ~ fall workshop

Drought-Proofing Your Land ~ fall workshop

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In this one day workshop, Douglas Barnes will discuss water harvesting designs that can lessen the impact of drought on your land. Bringing concepts from drought prone countries like Australia and India,  Douglas teaches about nature-mimicking designs that can help us catch more of the rain and snow that falls on our land. By capturing this water, or redirecting it to hydrate dry areas, we can alleviate risks of drought. Stored water can be used for irrigation, aquaculture and beautification.

The workshop will cover theoretical material explaining the design process, water harvesting approaches applicable in Ontario, as well as possible problems and cautions. There will be a design exercise for students, and a tour of the Circle Organic site and its earthworks project. Circle Organic is installing an integral swale and dam system to assist in irrigation of our vegetable crops. This is the first stage in a broad vision for our site. Why are we concerned about these issues? We want to be prepared for drought (as climate continues to change and surprise us) and we are committed to protecting our ground water and advancing our land stewardship practices. If you’re interested in permaculture, water use, food security, etc. this workshop will be of interested to you! 


Workshop 1: Sunday November 15th 2015    9:30am-4:30pm
Workshop 2: Monday December 7th 2015    9:30am-4:30pm

Cost: $100 ~ this cost includes lunch and digital materials on the workshop content

Douglas Barnes is a permaculture designer, consultant, and teacher. His company, EcoEdge Design Ltd., was founded in 2006 and specializes in design and implementation of drought-combating earthworks and environmental design education. He has designed and implemented Earthworks systems in India, Japan, and Canada, as well as consulting on projects in Australia. Douglas has taught  in Japan and Canada through the Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario. He holds two Permaculture Design Course certificates, including one led by permaculture founder Bill Mollison in Melbourne. For more information visit www.ecoedge.ca.


Please preregister for this workshop: 705.932.9888 or email [email protected]

Workshop sponsored by the Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network. Thank you!



An update on the installation at Circle Organic


2015-10-14 11.47.45   IMG_0317   IMG_0321

the site …                                             dam digging begins …

IMG_0335   IMG_0328   2015-10-15 14.34.43

movin’ dirt …

IMG_0422    IMG_0416

and after a day of October rain …

Next step, swale installation. Photos to follow.